100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway: VZ Grips G10 Don Dagger

VZ Grips isn’t a traditional knife company. In fact, they aren’t really a knife company at all. They make aftermarket and custom gun grips and accessories. The knives they make are anything but traditional, being made from a proprietary form of G10.

While it is possible to hone a functional cutting edge onto G10, VZ’s daggers are primarily meant to be specialized defensive tools. As they do not contain the steel of a traditional knife, they are an option for situations where one might want to avoid “Imperial Entanglements” as it were. Of course, we can’t condone breaking the law, but I may or may not carry a similar tool inside my belt to sporting events where metal detectors are used and I have to walk back to the car in the dark. I can neither confirm nor deny such an occurrence however.

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Here is Kevin from VZ Grips talking about their sheaths in particular, but the daggers are the reason for the video.


Here is what VZ Grips has to say about their Don Dagger:

The Don is machined out of a solid piece of our proprietary G10 . It is non-electrically conductive and does not throw a metal signature should the unexpected Garret wand comes out. It has a stout arrow head point that gives great penetration. This is an awesome dagger / tool that you can take and hide on you anywhere. We gave it an aggressive checker texture and amazing ergonomics to feel perfect in the hand. You’ll want to play with it all day long. Makes a great addition to your EDC kit. Available with optional handmade leather sheath.


  • Length = 8 1/8”
  • Width = 1”
  • Thick = 1/4”
  • 41.2g / 1.45oz
  • Material = G10

Personal Observations:

I am far from an expert on the tactical employment of edged tools, but I have a couple of years of Krav training. I like to think that I am not completely clueless. I have done some practicing with how to integrate a blade into my overall defensive preparedness.

It is comfortable in a dagger grip, with one’s thumb on the recessed pad.

It is equally comfortable in an overhand grip, and feels like one would be able to maintain a good grip while throwing hammer-fists as well.

The sheath provides great retention, and attaches my belt in the manner described in the video.


We would like to thank VZ Grips for donating this dagger to our 100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway. Without participation from so many wonderful companies we would not have been able to pull this contest off.