100 knives in 100 days
Just a sample of what we are giving away during our 100 Knives in 100 Days promotion.

Introducing the 100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway

Our 100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway has come to a close. Thank you to all the companies and makers who provided us with knives, and thank you to all the entrants whose enthusiasm made the contest a lot of fun.

We know that you are visiting the new Knifemagazine.com because of all of our great content. It isn’t because you want to win some knives, is it?

Well, regardless of why you are here, you are in luck. You get both if you have registered for a free account, or have activated your online trial if you are an existing print subscriber.

Registration is required to participate in most of our contests. There will be a few Instagram (@theknifemag) or other social media contests (FB: @theknifemag, Twitter: @knifemagazine) where it isn’t specifically relevant, but we want to encourage you to register with our site nonetheless.

Beyond that we have several rules for the 100 Days contest, which will hold true for all future contests unless otherwise noted:

  • Must be 18 or older. While we encourage giving knives to youngsters, we just can’t do so in this context. We might have a photo contest for parents with their kids using knives. But we have to ship it to an adult. Sorry.
  • We will only ship a knife to you if it is legal in your jurisdiction. We might be able to substitute on a case-by-case basis. Shipping is on us if it is a US address.
  • Contests are NOT limited to US participants, however, if you reside outside the US we will need to discuss shipping options. We are happy to try to send you a knife, but you will be responsible for shipping and customs and must make arrangements prior to shipping. Alternatively, we would be happy to substitute a 1 – year Premium Online Membership for foreign winners who do not want to pay $50 shipping on a knife that may not be worth that much.
  • You can only win a plain random drawing once, but everyone will remain eligible for contests that require something of you like a caption contest, photo contest, “guess the maker”, that sort of thing.
  • Knife Magazine Editors reserve the right to modify contest rules as unforeseen circumstances require.

Enough on the rules, you want to hear about the knives we are giving away. You are in luck, our contest sponsors have been so generous to us, that we want to give them as many plugs as we can.

Below you will find photos of much of what we will be giving away. There are so many knives, that I am not going to get to them all in this post by the time I need to go live and announce our first contest giveaway. So I will be updating this post as I get more photos online. There are a bunch of knives off at the laser engraver, so I will get those photos up next week as well.

We aren’t quite to 100 knives, but are getting close. If any knifemaker would like to have their work featured, we are still accepting donations. You will get a standalone post here on the website featuring the knife to be given away. Email clay@ knifemagazine.com.

Condor sent us a dozen Kephart Knives to give away.

The first knife we are giving away is a Condor Kephart Knife. Condor was extremely generous, sending us an even dozen of those, so it seems fitting to make one our first giveaway knife. I will do a standalone feature post soon, to properly give the knife its due, as I will with every knife when we give it away. Stay tuned.

All you have to do win this one, or any future “100 Knives” random drawing, is be a (free) registered user or Premium Online Member, and leave a comment on this post. I will be drawing the first winner at 12:01 am or thereabouts. All other entries carry forward.
It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, ideally I would love it if folks felt compelled to introduce themselves, but a simple “Hello, please pick me” will be sufficient. And here is the greatest thing, when you leave your comment, you are automatically entered in every subsequent random drawing for the duration of this promotion. So in other words, if you enter on Day 1, you are not only a part of the smallest drawing pool we will have, you will also have the maximum number of chances to win.

Oh, and a quick note – Your comment will likely not be visible at first. In an effort to weed out spam, your first comment must go through moderation. Once we have approved your first comment, any new comments on other posts should be automatically approved and posted. So entering into the contest gets you over this small hurdle as well.

Of course, there will be some knives we will give away through other methods, but all straight-up random drawings will be done using the comment section on this post.

Here is a preview of some of the other knives to be given away. Remember, each knife is going to get a standalone post with more and better photography, and detailed impressions and specifications.

Steve Schwarzer: Skeletonized Tactical Dagger – Featured in the May 2019 Issue of Knife Magazine

Steve Schwarzer

Gaeton Beauchamp: Scrimshawed knife featured in the June 2019 issue of Knife Magazine.

Gaetan Beauchamp

David Kurt: RN Tactical Knife

David Kurt

Kim Breed: Necker

Kim Breed

Ruana Knives: Smokejumper and gift package

Ruana Knives

TOPS Knives: Dicer 8 and Rapid Strike

TOPS Knives

Benchmade Knife Company: Osborne Folder


Buck Knives: Pursuit and 841 Sprint Pro

Buck Knives

Bluegrass Knife Company: John Primble Trapper

Bluegrass Knife Company

Spyderco: 2 DogTags, 2 Ambitious (at engraver), and a bunch of other items.


Leatherman: 5 new Leatherman Free P4’s


KAI: ZT 0350, Kershaw Concierge and Decimus

KAI Kershaw/ZT

Flexcut: Nomad, Drifter, and Explorer


and finally (for tonight),

Browning: Wihongi Tomahawk, Speed Load, 1911, Featherweight Classic, Long Haul, Pursuit, Wheelhouse, Joint Venture, and Devil’s Due

Browning Knives

As I said we have a ton more that I am going to upload soon, including SR Johnson, Del Corsi, CAS Iberia, Steel Will, CRKT, Mora/Industrial Revolution, SOG, and still more that have been promised and not yet arrived.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, this is going to be a lot of fun.

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