Josh Wentz Dreadnought Knife Shop

5 from the Grinder: Josh Wentz (Dreadnought Knife Shop)

We are back from Blade Show, where I received commitment from a whole slew of makers who are interested in participating in our 5 from the Grinder series. So I will be clearing out the remaining backlog of makers, to clear the queue for new entrants. If you are a knifemaker who is interested in participating yourself, please visit this link.

Josh Wentz is a newish maker, but he is a fast study, since he is a Forged in Fire winner. I don’t know him personally, but I am really impressed with his Damascus, which he pairs with complex handles integrating multiple materials. You can see more of his work at

Please introduce yourself and let us know what led you to making/designing knives:

Hi my name is josh. I’m the owner of DKS Knives short for Dreadnought Knife Shop. I’m a full time maker and a stay at home dad. I recently just won Forged in Fire season 8 episode 4. I’m currently in my 3rd year of making. What led me to start making knives was seeing all this amazing makers pop up on Instagram. I really admired their work. I couldn’t afford their work at the time so I decided I’d give it a shot and I just stuck with it. It’s something I work at every day and try to improve with every knife I make.


What knifemaker(s) or designer(s) have had the biggest influence on you? Do you have any mentors?

There’s so many knife makers that influence me it’s hard to name them all. But some off the top of my head would be. Josh Scott, Bob Cramer, Fell Knives, Colony knife Co. freehill blades. I’m completely self taught through trial and error. YouTube videos and asking my favorite makers for tips via Instagram

What is your favorite knife pattern or style from history?

My favorite knife pattern is definitely kitchen knives. It’s something everyone uses

What is the next big thing in knifemaking? / What direction do you see the industry going?

Not really sure to be honest.


Is there a knife from your lineup that you feel best exhibits who you are as a knifemaker/designer in terms of design elements, aesthetic or techniques used?

Some of my older designs definitely stand out, I’ve been told they’re pretty unique to me. Although I’ve moved on to making more chef knives lately I hope they stand out to my name as well.

What is your EDC and why?

When I’m not using my knives in the kitchen. I’m typically carrying my JSK mini cleaver.


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