Bearing Arms: Coast Founder’s Series Origin pocket knife Review

A company that I never paid much attention to has recently impressed me with several of their products. Previously I had the chance to review one of Coast’s flashlights and one of their headlamps. While these products may or may not fulfill any one person’s particular needs, I did find them to be made to have decent quality and do more than just “get the job done.” One of the other products that I received to give a testing and evaluation on was the Founder’s Series Origin® pocketknife from the 1919 Founder’s Collection.

At first glance, I was not sure what to make of the Origin. Taking the knife out of its box and opening it, I could hear one of my nieces in my mind’s eye calling it “Uncle Johnny’s toothpick.” That could be an appropriate moniker for the everyday carry knife as its slender and sleek design emulates that of a stiletto. I don’t know if it was a bit of a gag to send the guy from Jersey a knife like this, but after I got over the thin dagger-like structure of the knife, it grew on me.

Coast was originally founded more than a century ago, providing tools to fishermen and lumberjacks in Oregon. The company has changed quite a bit, but the flashlights are very well regarded, and I have found their knives and multitools functional enough for the price.

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