Big Chris Bladesports

Big Chris is Famous! Ozzy Man gives parody commentary on viral Bladesports video.

by David C. Andersen

(Editor’s Note: This article first appeared at The TruthAboutKnives. Used with permission of the author)

Although our friend Big Chris only started in competing in Bladesports last season, he might now be the most recognizable cutter on the planet! Two weeks ago, Chris took first place in the Middle Tennessee cut, and like most cutters do, he posted a video of his run on Instagram. That is when things went crazy.

His vid started going viral, quickly surpassing one million views, but that was just the beginning. Other pages on Facebook and YouTube have picked up the video and really gotten the ball rolling. Some have added captions to underscore what is going on, including one from none other than Popular Mechanics! I am writing this on Friday the 22nd, and a quick tally of all the shares I can find reveal a view count closing in on 40 million!

The best version however is the particularly hilarious and definitely NSFW take by Ozzy Man Reviews which serves as today’s Sunday Funny.

A big congratulations to Mr. Berry! This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last couple of years and have been lucky enough to review some of his work. You can find those reviews at the following links:

Pocket Fighter
Bird & Trout

Next up on our review schedule couldn’t be more appropriate. About a month ago, Big Chris lent me the Comp Chopper that he made and used in the World Championships last June. Ever the perfectionist, he has since tweaked the design to what appears above and in the video below, which is actually the fourth competition knife he has made as he has gradually improved his design.

Even without his latest improvements, knife #3 that I am testing is, as one would expect, a monster chopping machine! You’ll have to stick around for the full review, but for know let me just say that the knife has applications outside the narrow world of competition. Read: ultimate camp knife!

So, without furher ado, the Ozzy Man Review of Big Chris’ Bladesports cut. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the profanity 😉


My favorite line? “I want Big Chris as a character in Skyrim!