Changes at Everyday Commentary

After about 3.4 million words written on EDC gear, it is time for the blog to change. This is a good change for me and I hope it is a good change for both you the reader and the gear community at large.

Some of you may know that I have helped on the legal side of the knife world in a very minor role in the past. Dan Lawson, the lawyer for AKTI, would, on occasion, ask for some help and I was always happy to do it. Dan is a really great lawyer and an even better dude (and saved the entire industry in 2009, which is a story I will tell later) and I always said yes. A few months ago Dan called again and indicated that he was scaling back and wanted to know if I would help AKTI.

I really believe in both the cause and the approach AKTI has taken. While they are a trade organization that works hand in hand with companies, they also help knife owners out. They have filed amicus briefs, engaged in lobbying for important changes in knife law, and they have been working behind the scenes to help out knife owners caught up in the criminal justice system due to unfair, unreasonable, and overbroad laws. Given all this I said yes.

My firm will help with various efforts with AKTI and as a result, I am, out of an abundance of caution going to set up a few rules to make clear where I stand and what I am doing…

You obviously want to Read the Whole Thing.