Christmas Open Thread: 2021 Edition

As I pull this weekend’s WOT together, the first of what will be several Christmas Story viewings in the next 24 hours is uderway. We already had our annual viewing of Santa Clause with the kids and the in-laws. White Christmas was on this afternoon, and Holiday in Handcuffs was on this morning. If you can’t tell, we use Christmas movies to set the atmosphere. Since it is 60 degrees in Knoxville the next few days, we need some help.

More of a Bloody Mary man on Christmas morning myself.

3 hours and counting.

As I mentioned, Die Hard is actually my family’s New Year’s Eve tradition.

What is everyone’s favorite Christmas carol? I am partial to Good King Wenceslas myself.

Truth. We had a white Christmas last year and stayed the heck off the roads.


Argh…’tis a bold plan.

Was Gremlins a Christmas movie?

For my D&D readers.

Myocarditis. Probably from too many booster shots.

Before I get too far into the off topic memes of the week, Cmeat joins Steve T. and David McCarty as  “chip holders” in our Spartan Blades knife giveaway. You must be drawn twice to win the knife. Or once more in the case of our lucky 3.

Usual rules apply. Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries. If youa re new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. After that, your comments will be posted immediately.

Now onto the off topic memes. This one is my meme of the week.

Black Helicopters are pretty scary as well.

Dude. And Dude…

That store Abides.

I had never really thought about it tbh. Speaking of completing circuits…

I’d probably burn my house down.

Good question indeed.

Ouch. And yes, you can apparently see torque.


That is about all I have for tonight. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for being a part of our community.