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Dealing with the Pandemic – A Three Maker Perspective

Dealing with the Pandemic – A Three Maker Perspective
By Stephen Garger

My sense of the knife community: what’s happened/happening; who’s the new person in town; how is a maker’s work progressing; plus personal “gossip;” all derive largely from knife shows. Makers, scrimshanders, suppliers and other members who have become friends over the years I can call or email, but that leaves a very large roomful of people I like but don’t often see or communicate with. The “show” is the venue where knife folks from everywhere tend to come together, from large regional expositions like the Oregon Knife Collectors Show in Eugene or Little Rock’s Arkansas Knife Show, to the annual Blade Show extravaganza in Atlanta. Obviously staying in touch with the knife community is not as simple as going to the local diner for a gab and eggs breakfast.

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Pandemic: 3 maker views

It is Part 2 of a pair of articles by Stephen Garger on how the industry is dealing with the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic. You can read the companion piece on how the production side of the industry here:

Dealing with the Pandemic – Three Company Views