EverydayCommentary: Indiana Knives EDZ Review

There are few knives more “on trend” than this one—an overseas made knife with a button lock and Magnacut blade steel. That, right there, is a good start. Throw in a tall slicey blade and some brilliant flipping action and you have the start of a very, very good knife. I believe this is Indiana Knives’ first design, too. But there are some things that made me wander away from it a bit when deciding what to carry everyday. Its one of those “big little knives” with a 3 inch blade and a carry profile of a Cold Steel. It just seems way bigger in the pocket than it actually is. I am also not thrilled with the handle. Its good, but not great. And so it is with a knife from a new designer. But unlike the recently reviewed Big I Designs Ti Pocket Knife, there are few, if any, unforced errors.

Here is the product page.  The EDZ costs $235. They are currently out of stock.  There are no written reviews, but here is a video review.  Finally, here is my review sample (purchased with my own money):

17 out of 20 on the Sculimbrene scale is a heck of a knife.  Especially for the price.

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