EverydayCommentary: Victorinox Bantam Review

Since I started the blog almost 14 years ago, I have long considered just posting a one line review of an item: perfect. I don’t really want to do that, but there have a been a few things where my words didn’t really make a difference after “perfect.” Of all the stuff I have reviewed, the Bantam came the closest. It is a perfect EDC item, with great materials (for its intended use), great fit and finish, great design AND stunning value. If there was one EDC item I would give to everyone on the planet to help them make it through their daily livings a bit easier, it would be the Bantam. For a long time, the EDC community has really been infatuated with the Cadet, which is unquestionably great, but, alas, the Bantam is better.

The Bantam is part of a class of less readily available SAK models. They aren’t rare or limited releases, they just aren’t pushed by Victorinox to the same degree as their best sellers. In most retail outlets, the smallest SAK is either the Solo, which is just the SAK blade with no other tools, or the Cadet, which is the blade and two implements. The Bantam isn’t in that rotating display case. After all, there is only so much room for tools and Victorinox’s line up is huge. There are a few models like the less common Bantam and, for the most part, I actually like them better than the best sellers. I’d take a Compact over either the Tinker or Deluxe Tinker any day. The key reason I prefer the Bantam over the Cadet and the Compact over the Tinker is the same—zero redundant tools.

Nice to see a review of a simple and classic blade.

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