Frank Karl: SixLeaf Knives

 My friend Derrick introduced me to SixLeaf Knives.  After handling and opening the knife, the question, “Where did you buy that cutie?” was not politeness.  I really wanted one.

He found it on eBay.  You have to win your auction, and SixLeaf will ship you one from Yangjiang, China.  Yangjiang, I am told, is moderately famous for making knives, scissors, swords — anything that cuts.

I won my auction, and despite the warning of how long it could take (46 business days!), it arrived in a couple weeks. I liked it so much that I bid and won a second one. It arrived just as quickly.

Prices can vary because you’re bidding against someone who thinks they want it more than you.

Let’s take a look at it. The matte blade is 3.25 inches long and 0.125 inches thick at the spine. The blade is a drop point with, for all practical purposes, a flat grind. The steel is D2, hardened to Rockwell C 60.

Frank is a Knife Magazine Staff Correspondent, The Knife Edge is his personal blog.

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