Gear Patrol: Why Is Opinel’s No. 8 One of the Most Popular Knives?

Good design stands the test of time. This is true of any item — whether it’s the Eames recliner, the iPhone, a pair of Levis 501s or the Opinel No. 8 folding pocket knife. A few themes run through each of these products: beauty in simplicity, enduring materials and usefulness. Something can look beautiful and have mediocre functionality — and conversely, an item can function superbly but be, well, ugly.

What sets apart an item that’s timeless is the delicate balancing act of form and function — and the Opinel No. 8 delivers a masterclass in this area. Let’s dive into why this iconic product has endured, a beloved fixture in the world of knives and EDC to this day.

I have several. I agree the No. 8 is the best all around, but a 6 is the best for pocket EDC IMHO.

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