GearPatrol: Does The James Brand’s First Flipper EDC Knife Live Up to the Hype?

The James Brand has spent the last decade diligently carving out its place in the everyday carry world, distinguishing itself as a brand by offering an array of pocket knives (and other accessories) that balance carefully considered minimalist designs with dependable (and usually high-end) materials. However, in all the brand’s outstanding knife releases, TJB had yet to offer one of the most popular pocket knife styles: a flipper.

That changed a few months ago with The James Brand Wells. But does the brand’s first-ever flipper release stand up to the hype? I got hands-on with this latest release and put it through the paces to see if this brand’s ethos and design approach work when applied to this tried-and-true knife style.

The James Brand has been making more of an attempt to integrate itself more into the knife community. Most of their first ten years was spent building their brand in less traditional outlets.

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