Hocky’s Corner – SVKC Finds

Hey all,

Regular readers frequently discuss recent acquisitions in the comment section, and sometimes they send me photos of what is being discussed. Here are a few that our friend Hocky sent in.

This is the elk antler, Damascus guard and buttcap, knife I bought from Bruce Ball at “SVKC”.  My good friend, Sid Barnhart, is making a sheath for it. Sid sent me this photo because he has had the knife since the show on April 1st and au wanted a photo.
. . . The measuring tape on close-up reveals “MADE IN CHINA”.
Sid knows my feeling regarding China, especially in the world of knives.  This made me laugh . . .
I wanted to share it with you.
(Oh, I gave Sid a “MADE IN USA” tape )
Bruce Ball knife gained at “SVKC” show.
It needs to be re-etched due to Kydex sheath marring the blade. Sid Barnhart doing the refinish and fashioning a handle and leather sheath.
Nice finds.