Knife Informer: Vosteed Raccoon Review

Vosteed have seemingly come out of nowhere – literally, the brand was formed in 2021 – and started dropping a series of absolute bombs on the EDC market.  Our first taste of the new brand, with design input by the talented Yue Dong (@doctor_edc on Instagram) was the Nightshade LT just a few months ago.  I came away immensely impressed by the quality, unique design based on the traditional Shilin Cutter pattern, and addictive flipping action – as well as the useful blade shape.  The Nightshade is admittedly a weird knife, probably not the first “decent knife” someone would buy before they fell headfirst down this hobby we’ve all been sucked into, more of a 12th knife to carry on special days or when you’re planning on cutting up some tomatoes at a picnic.

I correspond with Yue Dong on a moderately regular basis. Good designer and nice guy. Used to be with Kizer.

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Vosteed Raccoon Review