Knife Magazine’s Cabin Fever Crossword #2 – Win a Leatherman Free K2

Hey Everyone..

I hope that this continues to find everyone safe, whether you are hunkered, or are out and about keeping civilization functioning. Hats off to each and every one who is doing their part to help the country get through this regardless of which category you fall into.

First, I want to announce the winner of the AlMar S.E.R.E. Anniversary Edition from our prior Word Search contest. David M. was drawn from our pool of completed puzzles and I will be dropping him an email shortly.

We have made another puzzle to distract you from your daily troubles, and you might even win a Leatherman K2 multitool. All our usual stipulations remain in place, most notably that the contest is open to those outside the USA, but then the winner is responsible for covering shipping and customs duty. Domestic shipping is on us.

As before, you have 3 options for filling out the puzzle. The easiest way is to click directly on the link: Once completed, you will be prompted to fill in your name and email to submit it online.

Option 2 is to download and print this PDF. Fill it out, snap a photo, and email it to clay @

Option 3 is to fill out the direct embed at the bottom of this page.

Most of the clues should be easy to production knife enthusiasts, but if you get stuck, Google is your friend. Every one I searched for came up pretty easily.

Hint: 33 Down has 2 initials before the name you might be thinking.

This contest will run through Monday 4/27.

Good Luck everyone.

Once again, I would like to thank for setting me up with a free account. I even made a couple of crosswords for my kids’ vocabulary words now that I am an Involuntary Homeschool Teacher. It works great.