KnifeNews: Boker Plus Operation Unites Utility Knife and Modern EDC

Knife designer Keanu Alfaro has partnered with Boker once again, this time for something a bit unusual. The Bill N Ted Operation is a small knife built around the idea of bridging the gap between everyday carry and utility knives, blending the two in one package.

There’s an obvious nod to a famous actor (with whom Alfaro shares a first name) in this knife’s full moniker, but from here on out we’re going to refer to it as the Operation. At its core, the Operation is a compact everyday carry, with its main blade being a 2.9-inch, flat ground drop point that takes to daily cutting chores like a fish to water. The blade steel, as it so often is in the Boker Plus lineup these days, is D2 semi-stainless, which, after gaining traction with custom makers in the 70s and 80s, now enjoys a second life as the default steel for budget-focused blades from all sorts of manufacturers.

I can see how this might be useful, and I prioritize function over form as a matter of course. That said, wow. I like a little bit of an aesthetic nod on my EDC.

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Boker Plus Operation Unites Utility Knife and Modern EDC