KnifeNews: Kershaw Crafts MagnaCut Tribute to In-House Comic Book Series

Kershaw has created the first version of its famous Leek knife with MagnaCut steel, for a new limited edition inspired by their sci-fi comic book side project, The Edge.

How old is the Leek at this point? Believe it or not the Ken Onion classic is 23 years old, having originally released all the way back at the turn of the millennium. If knife design, like steels, comes in generations, then the Leek is at least a generation older than the stuff coming out today. Despite this, it remains a competitive, capable, unique everyday carry knife, thanks to the rock solid design Ken Onion came up with all those years ago. It looks cool, with a blade shape that, even today, stands out from the pack visually but functions in the same intuitive way as any basic drop or clip point shape. The snappy opening action is something every knife enthusiast, even if they aren’t normally a fan of assisted knives, should try out at some time in their collecting career.

You had me at MagnaCut Leek.

I know Dr. Larrin believed in MagnaCut and its potential, but the success has to have caught even him by surprise.