KnifeNews: MagnaCut Makes its OKC Debut in New Sports Leisure Line

Ontario Knife Company has been on a new release tear, showing off their 2023 products throughout December. Now that Christmas is over and things are back to normal, they company picked up right where they left off, showing us a brand new fixed blade family called the Sports Leisure series.

The OKC catalog is full of series; the company likes to riff on a central theme across several different models. In this case, the Sports Leisure series’ theme seems to be clean, quality renditions on outdoors fixed blades – but outdoors in the largest possible sense, as you can see from one of the two introductory models.

Before we talk about each of the new knives, let’s talk about the things they have in common. Most notably, the SPL knives mark MagnaCut’s entry into the OKC catalog. The new super steel has made its way from small batch to large scale production quite quickly, and now OKC is the latest in a long and growing list of adopters.

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It is funny how Magnacut (invented by Dr. Larrin “KnifeSteelNerd” Thomas) was the rage among custom makers when it debuted, but they have found it difficult to grind (eats belts), and prone to warping in large, thin blades. Production companies have been adding it left and right though, and in the more controlled production environment, the steel might be an EDC gamechanger.