Weekend Open Thread: New Year, New Meme Edition

Season’s Greetings People of the Knife…

I hope that y’all had a wonderful Christmas, anyone get any steel?

None of my friends or family bought me any knives, though WE sent me a Christmas package with a Civivi Elementum with KNIFE Magazine etched on the blade.

It came with a card, in a wrapped box, and there were other items including an EDC Pocket organizer which will be our giveaway prize, but more on that later.

They also sent me a Synergy 3, but that was in a separate package, and at the request of Jim O’Young, the knife’s designer. Jim is also a competitive shooter, sponsored by Hogue, WE, and as it turns out Nanuk Cases.


He had them send me this knife case, which I will write more about after I put it through some tests. My first impression though is incredibly positive. This thing is extremely robust. The latches in particular are pretty fantastic.

I bought a pair of antique Remington EZ open folders. He had bought them as part of a lot, but they were not the object of his purchase. They fit right into my collection though. The larger one is in pretty fantastic shape, and will go into the roll. The smaller Electricians model has a small repair in one of the handle scales, and the primary is a bit dinged and scratched up from being “restored”, but it sharpened to a hair popping edge and has wonderful walk and talk, and it has entered my carry rotation.

I’d say that you came here for the memes, not come here to talk about knives, but…well…y’all are sorta here to talk about knives too.

That would be unfortunate.

Or you could be lucky like this kid…

Or forge or something.

There aren’t any knife shows this weekend, but be sure to keep an eye on the Events Calendar to keep up with the latest.

It isn’t Knife Show time, it is time to pack away Mariah Carey until next year.


There are a whole bunch of these before we move on to New Years memes.

This is the best…

This was me this week…

Other than watching my Buckeyes lose tomorrow night, I don’t have many plans.

I will be there. With a necklace of Buckeyes on. Preparing to be depressed for the next 8 months.


I am not down for that crap.

Making it to next New Year reasonably intact will be enough for me.

This sounds fun though…

Speaking of celebrating…

Jason K. wins the QSP Penguin. Really solid and functional import EDC with a bit of style to it.

This next week’s prize is an EDC pocket organizer from 1791 Leather. It is a similar configuration to the canvas one I use (PNW Bushcraft) with two pockets on one side, and a single, larger back pocket. Works as a substitute for a wallet as well.  You don’t win the D-Rocket Serpentine Slipjoint or the pen that Cmeat gave me a couple of years ago, those are just for demonstration purposes. I carry them myself.

Usual rules apply… 5 comments or replies are your entries. If you are new to the blog, your comments may be held in moderation at first, but once I clear the first batch you will be able to post at will provided you have cookies on.

No back to the non-themed memes of the week…


Trust the Science.

It really is their fault.

One of the best action sequences of the original trilogy.

Stick to Dihydrogen-Monoxide.

Looks right to me.

Dad joke.

Bonus Dad joke.


I’m not coming.

Looks like a dope party.

Letting God be your Co-pilot > Letting Jesus take the wheel.


Go Aunt Linda.

Y’all have a good one. Be safe Saturday night, and best wishes for a wonderful 2023. Hopefully we are all here joking around next New Years, with the country and the world in a better place.  In the mean time, I will keep the memes coming.