KnifeNews: NCKS Kicks off this Weekend in the Music City

Knife collectors, get ready: the Nashville Custom Knife Show is about to open its doors again.

Some people collect production and custom knives; some are only ever interested in the production stuff, while still others ascend to the custom plane and never look back. Because of this there’s always been a division between custom knife and production knife shows, with only a few of the biggest knife shows (most notably Blade Show) truly straddling the line and cultivating major presences from makers on both sides of the tracks. But Fifty-Fifty Productions, the company behind both NCKS and New York Custom Knife Show, focuses on these small scale, collector-oriented custom events, which is not surprising given that its founder, Stephen Dlack, has been a collector and seller for years.

Neither Mark nor I can make it, but KNIFE Magazine will be represented by some Knoxville collector associates, (Crenshaw and Chris T. – both of whom work at the Knife Rights booth at Blade Show

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NCKS Kicks off this Weekend in the Music City