KnifeNews: Newest Bogardus/We Collab Goes Big

In the mood for a big folder made from quality materials? If so, the WE Knife Zonda, which released recently, is worth a look. The second production design from relative newcomer Kellen Bogardus, the Zonda delivers a massive, high-performance blade.

Bogardus describes himself as a knife collector – and, as we’ve seen happen before, that penchant for collecting turned into a drive to design his own blades. Bogardus’s first production knife was also a We Knife collab, called the 037. That knife, now discontinued, managed to win the Most Innovative Imported Design at Blade Show 2019 not too shabby for a first production knife design! In the interim between the 037’s release and the advent of the Zonda, Bogardus has posted numerous knife designs on his Instagram page – maybe some of these others will also appear some day.

I am not familiar with Kellen Bogardus, but the knife is nice.

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Newest Bogardus/We Collab Goes Big