KnifeNews: Spartan and Les George Craft Tribute to Famous Military Knife

Spartan Blades debuted a new fixed blade collaboration last week, just in time for SHOT. Called the Spartan-George Raider Dagger, it’s the result of a partnership between Spartan and returning collaborator Les George.

Both Spartan and George have a deep connection to military knife history, and the Raider is in fact a tribute to famous piece of military cutlery, the USMC Raider Stiletto. This legendary fighting knife, patterned after the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, was carried by Marine Raiders during WWII, and has the distinction of being the first standard issue knife designed by a marine. Produced by Camillus, it went on to become a sought-after collection piece, due in part to the fact that there aren’t many specimens left in good condition, as the zinc alloy used in the handle composition disintegrated over time.

If not for the MagnaCut KABAR, this would have been the talk of the Show for Spartan. I had a chance to handle it, and I liked it alot. Great balance. Made in Taiwan. Full tang makes it much stronger than the original. Home Run Spartan.

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