KnifeNews: Spyderco Lifts MAP Restrictions for Limited Time

One of the magical mid-year surprises happened at midnight last night: Spyderco lifted its MAP restrictions for the next three days, meaning some pretty hot sales are on now through July 12th.

MAP (or minimum advertised pricing) is, as the name would suggest, a price limit beneath which dealers are not permitted to go. Spyderco’s MAP policy in particular is a pretty well-known one in the knife world, so when it gets lifted, however briefly, it’s big news for enthusiasts.

Prolific and creative as the company is, there are dozens of models worth mentioning – some of them, at this, so obvious that mentioning them is more of a formality than anything: if you don’t have a Delica, Endura, and/or Endela by now, what are you doing with your life? We know the full flat grind models are the most popular, and for good reason, but here KnifeNews HQ we’ve always been partial to the sabre grind Delica – still an ergonomic marvel of a workhorse and at this new discount it’s a no-brainer.

Wow.  Spyderco was one of the pioneeers in brining MAP to the knife industry. Seeing them take a break is definitely newsworthy.


Spyderco Lifts MAP Restrictions for Limited Time