KnifeNews: TOPS Modern Gladius Reimagines Historical Sword

There’s a new TOPS arriving today, and it’s a cool one. This is the Modern Gladius, which quite obviously lives up to its name, translating the historic short sword into a comparatively compact cutting tool for today’s users.

The gladius profile is famous enough that it might even be recognized by people who aren’t interested in knife/sword history (poor souls!). Standard issue for Roman footsoldiers, the traditional gladius blade measured two to three feet long, with a straight, double edged profile and an elongated, aggressive tip. The symmetrical blade was paired to a symmetrical handle, with a stubby guard and straight grip that often ended with a bulbous pommel.

One thing I love about TOPS is that they make some stuff that goes beyond utilitarian. I don’t need this knife, but I certainly want it.

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TOPS Modern Gladius Reimagines Historical Sword