KnifeNews: Viper Knives Catalog Waxes with the New Moon

Viper Knives is on the verge of releasing the Moon, an everyday carry piece that marks the first instance of the increasingly popular button lock mechanism from the Maniago, Italy-based manufacturer.

Fabrizio Silvestrelli is the man behind the Moon. He’s been a major presence on the Italian production knife scene since 2005, and has cultivated a chunky portfolio of designs in the intervening 19 years. Silvestrelli is a designer comfortable working in all sorts of different styles, from tactical folders to everyday carry fixed blades. Prior to the Moon, his most recent Viper piece was the Keeper 2, a flipper knife with a profile inspired by the Italian stiletto.

I don’t own a Viper. This might be my first. I like it.

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Viper Knives Catalog Waxes with the New Moon