Steve Johnson Knives

Last Chance to win this Steve Johnson Knife (contest closed)

Only 3 days until we draw the lucky winner of the Steve Johnson custom knife. We have given away some nice knives since we launched the website, but this might well be the most exquisite one yet.

Steve was the subject of our cover article in the August 2019 issue of Knife Magazine. SRJ is truly a legend among custom knifemakers, having made his first knife under Gil Hibben and working in partnership with Bob Loveless in the early 1970s. A longtime member of The Knifemakers’ Guild, nobody makes a knife of this style any cleaner than Steve Johnson does.

We usually keep print articles on the paywalled side for Premium Online Members, but because this is such a special circumstance, we are making it free to everyone by clicking on the blue box below (launches the flipbook).

Steve Johnson


[Incidentally, the “F” in the KNIFE Magazine logo was directly inspired by one of Steve’s designs, then modified for our purposes.]

We would like to extend a final thanks to Steve Johnson for donating this spectacular knife. It has the smooth bolster transitions, tapered tang, and impeccable fit and finish that Steve has become known for. Pay him a visit at his website ( to check out his other work, or perhaps even thank him for us again if you are so inclined.

Here are a few more shots of the knife:


Here are the particulars for the giveaway:




All entries must be submitted by midnight, August 13, 2020.  Entries made past this time will be excluded from the competition.  The winners will be announced on August 15th.

All registrants for the contest get ONE entry.

Knife Magazine Print Subscribers will AUTOMATICALLY get an additional  entry if they select yes when prompted Premium Online members will also AUTOMATICALLY get an additional entry if they select yes when prompted

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The maximum number of entries for any individual is three, provided all criteria is met.

International readers are eligible to enter, though they are responsible for shipping and Customs. Domestic US shipping is on us.


A note to knifemakers:

Would you like to have one of your knives featured for a giveaway in a future Knife Magazine contest? The knife will appear prominently in the print magazine (1/4 page, full color space) for one or two issues (depending on circumstance), plus will be featured repeatedly on our social media throughout the duration of the giveaway. We understand that by giving away a knife, you are literally giving away a portion of your life to make it, and we will do our level best to make sure you get the most from your generous donation.

Plus, our readers love it. These contests have been immensely popular, with hundreds of entries from each one we have held.

If you are interested in learning more about possibly making a contest donation, please drop me an email at clay(at) and I would be happy to discuss it further.