Like Father, Like Daughter – Knifemakers Wolfgang and Elizabeth Loerchner

Like Father, Like Daughter – Knifemakers Wolfgang and Elizabeth Loerchner
by Del Corsi

Legendary knifemaker Wolfgang Loerchner is well known for his mind-boggling creations. At first glance it is hard to say what category into which the work falls, is it knife-art or art-knife?
Either is likely correct, so there is really nothing to debate. In my opinion Wolfe’s concepts are in a classification of their own. The graceful curves, magnificent lines, and flowing features of his signature work stretch our imagination to the limits. These sculpted masterpieces are truly significant, both in terms of style and function. The journey his creations take us on is profound and exhilarating. It is incredible to consider that the pieces Wolfe creates are usually completed using no power tools whatsoever.
The creative process necessary to make those spectacular knives with only hand tools is captivating. I was looking at one of his double-edge daggers recently, and the stunning combination of curves and lines was more resonant of a Lamborghini or a 1960s era Corvette Stingray than a knife. At the same time, I readily appreciated that this beautiful chameleon with its razor-sharp double edge, could instantly transform into a lethal piece of art.

This article originally appeared in the July 2020 issue of Knife Magazine. You can read the whole thing by clicking the blue box below.