NewAtlas: Helle Rein knife is an ode to reindeer and classic Norwegian design

Norwegian knife maker Helle crafts some of the most beautiful knives the world over. Its latest is particularly special, celebrating the past while making a call to action for the future. The new limited-edition Rein knife honors the company’s heritage and favorite animal: the reindeer. The knife features an ornate handle crafted from reindeer antler, dark oak and leather and serves as a reminder to protect those things we value most.

Since its founding in 1932, Helle has relied upon natural materials, including oak, birch, leather and reindeer antler. The “Rein,” a Norwegian term for reindeer, celebrates that heritage with its multi-material construction. The Rein’s 4.3-in (110-mm) handle is crafted from a combination of sustainably sourced reindeer antler inserts, dark oak and leather, brought together to mimic the earthy multi-tone coloring of reindeer fur.

I think they did a good job makingit a bit blingier, without ruining the function.

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