KnifeNews: New Emerson Model Arises from Collab with MMA Fighter

You don’t see all new Emerson knife models that often, so every time there is one announced, it’s a big deal – and one was unveiled this week. The TKF-1 isn’t just a new folder from EKI, it’s also the first ever collaboration between the company and former MMA fighter Tim Kennedy.

Emerson has a long and legendary heritage when it comes to tactical/hard-use knives, and Kennedy, in addition to his time in the ring, served in the military; so it’s no surprise to see that these particular collaborators have come up with something with serious combat knife chops. The TKF-1’s blade length runs to 3.8 inches, and features an aggressive clip point profile, ideal for slashing and thrusting. Emerson’s preferred 154CM steel is in play here, but with two common Emerson signature features missing: first of all, this is a V-ground knife not chisel ground, and there is no Emerson Wave opener here; the classic thumb disc is the sole opening method offered.


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New Emerson Model Arises from Collab with MMA Fighter