NewAtlas: Nitecore’s latest 3,000-lumen flashlight is a pocketable slice of EDC

Nitecore has long been stuffing insane lumen numbers into tiny flashlight bodies, and its latest torch does so in an entirely different form factor. The new EDC27 looks more like a TV remote than a flashlight thanks to an ultra-slim rectangular body built to slip readily into any pant, shirt or jacket pocket. Once out of the pocket and pointed forward, the EDC27 blasts up to 3,000 lumens as far as 720 feet (220 m) into the distance, lighting the ominous pitch dark into something much friendlier and more recognizable.

This thing is a relative beast of an EDC flashlight. I am used to a 1 or 2 AAA light.

As you can see, it is hardly a diminutive light. But the tradeoff is it packs a punch.

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