NewAtlas: Titanium tool has changeable scalpel blades and quick-release clip

Multitools are great. That is, they’re great until you don’t have one with you – or the one you have has a blade that’s too dull to get anything done. The Bladeclip seeks to tackle both of these issues with a design that incorporates a sturdy built-in clip and a scalpel-style blade-change system that keeps things extra sharp.

The Bladeclip has already blasted through its initial goal of raising $5,000 on Kickstarter. That’s due in part to the fact that the makers of the tool, 3 Peters, have already delivered on a previously successful campaign for a titanium utility knife. It’s also likely because the tool incorporates two smart features into its design: a clip and a swappable blade system.

I actually like the idea of a replaceable blade on a multitool. It is never my primary knife, so having that specialty blade ready to go is an attractive idea.

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