Outdoor Life: The Best Knife Sharpeners of 2023 reviewed

I was told growing up that a dull knife was more dangerous than a sharp one. When I was a kid, it was a head-scratcher for me, but when I really started using knives on my backpacking and camping trips and to dress and butcher game, it all came into focus. A dull knife takes a lot more effort to cut and usually ends up with you ‘’sawing’’ with the knife. Consequently, you can slip off and stick yourself. The lesson is that a dull knife is a worthless knife. This is why you need a knife sharpener.

So, the cure for what ails you is a sharp knife. But no matter how good the heat treat on the blade, or how sharp the factory edge, every knife will need to be sharpened. So where to begin? Sharpeners are available anywhere from five bucks to over $500. I have been sharpening knives since I was about 14 years old, and sharpening them professionally since 2015. In that time, I have used just about everything out there and I want to help you navigate the crowded knife sharpener market. Here are my picks for the best knife sharpeners, as well as picks from Greg Campbell, a custom knife maker, and Scott Einsmann, gear editor.

Interesting listicle. I agree with most of the selections, especially the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite.

New Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Reviewed

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