Spydercollector: Spyderco Travel Carry: C94 UK Penknife Drop Point & C192 PITS Folder

A knifeknut looks forward to two things, when traveling abroad. First, which cool knives can I find on my trip to add to my collection? Second, which knives will I bring with me for everyday carry? I answered that last question last summer, with the C94 UK Penknife Drop Point and the C192 PITS Folder sprint run in M390.

My personal recipe to determine which knives to carry while traveling, is to go over these questions:

  • What are my cutting needs during the trip?
  • What are the weather and/or carry conditions?
  • What can I legally carry in the countries I’m visiting?
  • What are the risks of me losing the knives while traveling?
  • Which knives would I like to try out this time?

Mind you, this is not a list I go over consciously. It’s a mostly a mental process, which usually starts while I’m stuck in traffic a few weeks before my vacation starts. And it ends with me packing my gear the night before I depart. These were not the only knives I brought with me, but they were my EDC folders at every stop or destination. I tossed a Swiss Army knife in my bag to cover my ‘possible need for tools’, and I carried a pair of lightweight slipits for the days I was driving for hours to our destinations. Full disclosure, I also packed a few dedicated ‘kitchen cutters’ that stay in the kitchen of the trailer or cabin where we stayed; a Lum Chinese Folder XL and a serrated Police 3. The benefit of traveling by car is that you can stow away plenty of ‘extras’. This article just focuses on my everyday carry folders at our destinations.

Victorinox has Felix Immler. Spyderco has Spydercollector. Are there other fanboys you can think of that have had the same impact as these two on their respective companies?

This is one of Spydercollector’s best articles IMHO.

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Spyderco Travel Carry: C94 UK Penknife Drop Point & C192 PITS Folder