Tactile’s Latest Model is the Richard Rogers-Designed Maverick

At long last, the latest folder from Tactile Knife Co. is here – well, nearly here. The Maverick not only introduces a new lock into the Tactile corral, it’s also the company’s second model produced with an outside collaborator – in this case custom maker Richard Rogers.

Even taking into account the fixed blade DeadEye, the Maverick is the biggest knife in the Tactile lineup to date. Its 3.6-inch drop point, with its long, low-slung swedge, echoes the elegant stylings of Rogers’s custom designs, while also lining up nicely with the pared down cleanliness that has defined the in-house Tactile knives up to this point. Opened with a pair of thumb studs, this blade is made from MagnaCut (Tactile was among the earliest adopters of the stuff, at least in the production realm). The bigger size expands the capabilities of the Maverick, but overall, like the Bexar and Rockwall before it, it comes across first and foremost as an everyday carry knife.

USA made.  In Texas.  Hocky would approve.


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