The New Generation of M-16s – by Frank S. Karl

The New Generation of M-16s
by Frank S. Karl

It’s 1999 and Columbia River Knife and Tool has a tiger by the tail, but they don’t know it yet. The five-year-old company has been working with knife designer Kit Carson on an innovative design called the M-16.
Kit Carson, a 20 year veteran of the Army, has some new and interesting ideas for a knife. He brings his experience in the service to his creation, the M-16 knife. It is an astonishing success. The M-16 knife and its variants find a way into the pockets of many of the military. Not to be outdone, the civilian and police markets embrace the M-16 knife family.
The strong, overbuilt knife and its flipper mechanism quickly become popular. Both CRKT and Kit Carson are credited with making the now ubiquitous flipper popular. Shortly after the M-16’s introduction, the flipper becomes known as the Carson Flipper.
Other companies mimicked the style, but never achieved the long-lasting success of CRKT’s M-16 family. The M-16 remains one of CRKT’s top sellers over the years.
Kit Carson passed away all too soon in 2014, but his design remains a tribute to his innovation.
The turn-of-the-century M-16 was a great knife, but twenty-some years later there is some room for improvement. CRKT has redesigned this classic with improved blade steel, assisted opening, and the Deadbolt lock. And frankly, I think they have another tiger by the tail.

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