Winchester Doctor's Knife

Weekend Knife Giveaways: Winchester Doctor’s Slipjoints from Bluegrass Cutlery

Happy Friday everyone. My family and I headed out for a couple of days of camping, so I will be falling a couple of nights behind on drawings, but Days 57 and 58 (7/27 & 7/28) of our 100 Knives in 100 Days Giveaway will be drawn on Sunday night. We are giving away a pair of Winchester Doctor’s Knives this weekend, courtesy of Bluegrass Cutlery Corp.

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I have always known this pattern as a Physician’s Knife, but since Bluegrass is calling it a “Doctor’s Knife” we will be going with that for the remainder of this post.

Our Online Knife Glossary has several thousand terms and definitions, and counting. We hope that it will serve as the go-to source to standardize an industry lexicon that has gotten quite sloppy and confusing. There is an entry for a Physician’s Knife:

Winchester Knives are made by Bluegrass Cutlery Corporation at their plant in the southern Ohio town of Manchester. Winchester Knives are made in many of the historical collectible patterns, and are the premium compliment to Bluegrass’s Primble knife label.

Saturday we will be giving away the lower knife – a charcoal, ruby, and copper celluloid model.

Sunday’s Drawing will be for the pearl handled one.

They are both wonderful knives, my photos don’t do them justice, especially since I shot them at home and not in the Knife Magazine office photo-booth. But they would both look great next to this 1920’s vintage Utica Physician’s Knife from my personal collection:

The fit and finish are excellent, the only issue I can find between them is slight off-centering of the spatula blade on the smaller of the two. It isn’t enough to cause rubbing issues. Other than that, the only negative I can come up with is the above-mentioned photographic difficulties.

For more information on these or other Winchester and Primble Knives, call 937-549-2602 or visit

Remember, I will be holding both drawings on Sunday evening. Have a great weekend everyone.