Weekend Open Thread: Christmas Movie Madness Edition

Howdy folks. 2 weeks until Christmas, the bowl games don’t start for another week, time to watch some Christmas movies. Like Die Hard.

Die Hard is actually our family’s New Years Eve tradition. And A Christmas Story is the best Christmas movie. Everyone else is wrong.

Honorable mention goes to White Christmas. We have already watched it a couple of times this year, starting with having it on while we decorate the house and tree.

Never much cared for Rudolph, except Yukon Cornelius – the OG of EDC. I am surprised they haven’t CGI’d away his pistol yet.

How delightfully Orwellian.

Seems legit.

Mortal Combat: Christmas Edition.

My wife is hooked on the Hallmark Movies There are two that are actually somewhat watchable. Most notably Christmas in Handcuffs, which has Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart. But the completely formulaic ones are pretty bad.

There are also brunettes. Danica McKeller (Winnie Cooper) is in a bunch of them.

Kinda like playing a country song backwards.

Reads like Chinese ad copy.




There are not any knife shows that I am aware of until January, though I missed the Kentucky Custom Show last weekend. I went in 2019. It was unique, but a good experience. I just plain didn’t realize it was coming, and they don’t put it on our Event Calendar.

Steve T. is the first “ticket holder” for the Spartan Astor folding knife. It takes two to win, so everyone is still in the game. Just post comments and replies, and if you are drawn twice, you win this rock solid USA Made folding knife.

Up to 5 comments/replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until approved. After that you can post at will.

Now back to the memes.

Hat tip to Mike Rowe for that one.

OMG, we are all going to die. Someday. Most likely not from WuFlu.They haven’t found a cure for the common death yet.

We stay away from the political as a general rule, but now that he is officially convicted we can say, “Good”. He tried to start a race war to boost his popularity. How is that working out for you?

I hope he actually does at least a little time. A slap on the wrist isn’t going to help things.

No. Go away.

Can’t argue with that. Did anyone see the end of the Purdue/Rutgers game the other night? If not, you need to watch the last 30 seconds.

Strangely topical.

Turn it up to 11. All new mothers want you to.

That made me laugh. As did this week’s official Dad Joke:

Those crazy Swedes and their ready to assemble furniture. And Meatballs.


And finally, I am not ready for 2022 yet.

Have a good one everybody.