Weekend Open Thread: Don’t unlock the portal

Actually, today hasn’t been that bad. It is Inauguration Day that I am worried about. Not because of who might be President, rather I am afraid it is going to unlock the Portal:

2021 can’t be any worse can it?

How is everyone doing? It is time for the Weekend Open Thread. I apologize for my lower newsfeed output this week, still working on a 12 year old HP laptop at home, and a desktop Mac at work while my MacBook is in for repair. It is surprisingly difficult to jump back and forth between unfamiliar computers after working on just one for 2 years straight. All I typically do on the office computer is shipping and checking the voicemails. The keyboard sucks.

Not much is going on otherwise. Fall lacrosse has finished for the middle school girls team, though I am going to be volunteering to ref a High School girls scrimmage on Saturday as a favor to one of the coaches. Fall chores and winterizing the house are on the agenda this weekend as well. Plus a little hammock and Masters watching on Sunday.

I forgot to draw for the Work Sharp last week, but I remedied that.  Congrats Steve T. I will get it in the mail to you on Monday.

No prize this week, but there are some on the horizon. Plus, we are coming up on the 2021 release season, and I imagine there will be blades o’plenty before long.


No real reason for that one other than it made me laugh. But don’t do it. Can’t be too safe.

At any rate, tell us what is new in your world. It is never too early to start thinking of Christmas Knives. anyone hoping to get some steel in their stocking?

Have a good weekend folks.