M1918 MK1 Trench Knife
An original M1918 MK1 -top and a Les George replica - bottom

The M1918 Mark 1 Trench Knife and a Veterans Day Thank You

Happy Veterans Day, and a heartfelt thank you to all who served. In honor of the occasion, we are digging into our vault to bring this September 1999 Knife World article by Knife Magazine Military Editor Frank Trzaska.

The article also appears in the 2001 book Military Knives – A reference book which is a compilation of our best articles (to that point) on military knives, both government issued and theater-made. It is available from our online store:

Military Knives: A Reference Book by Trzaska, Silvey, Windrum, et al.

To launch the flipbook of the article, click on the blue box below.

M1918 MK1 Trench Knife

About the “Feature Photo”  at the top- an original M1918 MK1 (top) and a Les George replica. Photo taken at the 2018 Blade Show by HCA.