Weekend Open Thread: Easter Ham Edition

Hey everybody…Happy Good Friday or Passover if it applies.

Thursday night was a bit of an odd lacrosse practice. Our field is located next to an animal shelter, and somehow a young pig got loose. Our warmup was a 15 minute team run chasing it until I finally managed to tackle it. We returned it to the tech at the shelter, and proceeded with practice. But it is one they will never forget.

I have a couple of Easter memes for our first section, since it makes as good a theme as any.

Peeps are gross. Orson Welles is creepy.

Even grosser than a regular peep show.

An oldie but a goodie.

Parenting win.

Santa is a stalker.

Overbearing girlfriend meme is due for a comeback.

Patience is a virtue.

That is my plan.

Speaking of plans, no knife shows this weekend of course, but there are 3 coming up next weekend.

ABS Piney Woods Hammer In

Lehigh Valley Knife Show

Oregon Knife Show

Mark will be at the Oregon show, and KNIFE staff Correspondent Bryan Wyszkowski is one of the folks running the Lehigh Valley show.

There are a few more memes of a more current nature…

I am not going to get into the whole bud light controversy, but that was funny.

So is this, but I am not even sure what it means.

You see a lot of this next one when a tornado hits the south.

I think I read that one of the Bushwhackers passed away this week. RIP.

Definitely a current event in Knoxville.


And obviously Trump arraignment memes are too political to dwell on here.


So I will get on with this week’s drawing. Stuart B. is the winner of the second small Browning Buckmark slim. Since Steve T. picked the sage, Stuart wins the black one.

Next week’s drawing will be for a flashlight. The Browning Kirabo is a combination rechargeable and alkaline powered light which puts out a maximum 1450 lumens on its highest setting, or can run for 36 hours at its lowest.

Usual rules apply – 5 comments or replies on this post are your entries, and if you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve the first ones. After that you are good to go.

Now for the rest of this week’s memes.



Yeah. Me too.

Happy little seance.

Ouch. If you think that one is bad. This is worse…

Start Wars memes are the best memes.

Conduction…The act of being ripped off by a duck.

Poor guy.

Vaya con queso.

I agree. That is talent.


Invincible mode.

The Universe is really big.

You can never eat too much cheese.

Some heroes don’t wear capes.

Totally normal.

So is leaving a knife over the edge of the sink.

For some reason I read that meme in Dan Eastland’s voice.

I actually have two original Walter Weber oil paintings. They belonged to my grandfather. Weber did some of the original Federal Duck Stamps.There are no sharks in his paintings.

Parenting win part 2.

Seems legit.

It’s a hard meme life.

Pretty much every friday, pulling together this thread…

Have a good Easter Weekend everyone.