Survival Common Sense: Review – L.T. Wright Large Pouter

The L.T. Wright Large Pouter arrived too late for me to use during deer season. That’s too bad, because it certainly would have ended up in my fanny pack during a late season hunt. I want a chance to blood it. But if I draw tags for a Mississippi alligator hunt this summer, the knife will be tested again on some of the toughest hide in the USA. And who knows? A hog hunt may come up.

Regardless, the Pouter got put to use. As is my wont, it rode on my hip and was used for whatever came up. Spring yard work is particularly challenging for review knives. The Pouter was used to slice open bags of gravel and dirt, for cutting plastic irrigation tubing and cutting sod. It cut up 100 feet of cotton rope into five-foot pieces for a survival class. The Pouter was used to cut up several thick cardboard furniture boxes into garbage bag sizes.

The knife was used hard for tasks it was designed for, but never abused – the blade wasn’t used to open a paint can or cut wire or pry open wooden crates. The Pouter performed as expected.

It is a no-nonsense working knife, like most L.T. Wright knives.