Weekend Open Thread: Feral Childhood Edition

Howdy Folks and Happy Friday.

There were plenty of recession memes and the like, but those are a bit too political for these digital pages. So I don’t have too much of a theme for this week.

Yeah. In hindsight that was a fairly stupid wish.

I have no problem giving gats to the trash pandas, but arming the kangaroos seems questionable.

Awww…poor girl.

Someone probably burned his sticks.

Speaking of burning things…

Except the crunchy center of course.

Its a conspiracy man.

Boom. Checkmate.

Stick with Kevlar or Ceramic.

Everybody panic.

Speaking of ironic…

No Knife Shows of note this weekend. Be sure to keep an eye on our Event Calendar for the latest.

Solid Strategy.

Always. Again. Still.

I guess I could have used that one for a current event. The new Webb telescope has sent back some fairly spectacular images.

I didn’t have a knife to give away this week, since Mark wasn’t in the office and I wasn’t sure what was spoken for on the shelf. But I have a small pile of swag from Blade Show left.  I will divide it in two, and send half to Mark R. who I drew from last week, and the other half will go to the winner next week.

Usual rules apply…Up to 5 comments or replies are you entries, and if you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. From that point on you will be good to post at will.

Now back to our memes. I would have posted a hyperlink for an actual signed comic, but the link listed doesn’t work. Its a shame since it is excellent and deserves credit…


This is quite unfortunate as well.

I had a hamster named Neopolitain. Pink face, white midstripe, and a brown butt.

I am way too Yankee to go there. Even if I don’t mind banana pudding. I prefer a couple of moonshine cherries on top though.

This is more my speep…


Brace yourselves…

Ugh. That was terrible.

This is worse…

No regrets.

That dude might have a regret or two.

Don’t have one of those though.


I could go for some Nerds.

That is too accurate.

That is all for this week. But the trawl for memes goes on.

Have a good one you ungrateful degenerates.