Weekend Open Thread: Getting The Band back together edition

Hey folks. It’s Friday, and none too soon if you ask me. My daughter started High School this week, my son 7th grade, our 6 week plumbing Odyssey was completed (we had to have the slab ripped up in our basement to replace 70-year old drain pipe), a storm with 12 hour power outage, I am getting the final preparations made for my first season coaching without my daughter, and I made 21 pints of salsa. I’m whooped.  So time to pour a dram of your favorite libation, and kick back for our Weekend Open Thread.

I have been throwing in a random music video each of the past several weeks. I usually don’t open with it, but I didn’t have a good theme for this week’s memes.

In case you missed it, guitarist Robbie Robertson from The Band passed away this week. Hopefully he and Levon mend their fences in the afterlife and are settling in for an epic jam session.

I am bummed that The Last Waltz rotated off of Amazon Prime. I might have to break down and buy it on Apple+. It is one of the best Rock-umentaries ever. Probably because it was directed by Scorsese.

Requiescat in Pace sir.

Another unfortunate passing…

The Government finally got him. RIP

Barbie memes have legs apparently.

Warning…You won’t unsee this…

Told you.

He’s double lucky, Home Depot will pay a premium for that choice lumber.

Speaking of wood…Duck You.

Wood Duck?

All good revolutions start with a lack of pants.

Most Greek Mythology can be distilled to “and then Zeus got horny”

Taking a look at our Event Calendar:

Natural State Knife Show

Idaho Traditional and Tactical Knife Show

Two shows this week, and one the next…

Central Kentucky Knife Club Knife Show

Actually there are two shows…found this on John Wilson’s page.

For our Caknucklehead friends.

Hydration is good.


Mmm…taco chair.

Cat meme of the week…

Cat meme runner up of the week…


Was that wrong of me?

You know who else is happy? Hocky because his first choice of Ocaso Strategy is available (Jade/Satin). Which leaves the Black G10/Satin as the last one. It will go to the next person to be drawn for a second time.

Stuart, Del, and Mark still keep their first tokens, and Cmeat gets his first token as well. But it isn’t too late for the rest of you. So comment away, your first 5 comments and replies are your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I approve them. From then on out you can post at will.

With business now complete, here are the rest of this weeks memes you ungrateful cretins…


Sawzall, because body panels are optional.

Follow me for more recipe ideas.

Reminds me of the strip club with “A dozen Lovely Ladies and one Ugly one”.

Close enough.

Your childhood was a lie.

How American are you?


Richard > Marvin Heemeyer. Heemeyer was an asshat.

Richard just wanted to fly.

That’s a lot of coffee.

Hocky…we are going to need an explanation of that one.

With big, pointy, teeth.

You only think that one is bad…this is worse.

Or this.


DnD humor.

Cranberry Juice is a slut.

It is not a toomah.

I was good, but not as good as my friend Chris


Back to school.

Probably wise to rethink that one.

Well, there you have it. You have wasted another evening, don’t hate me.

One more, just because…

May his memory be a blessing.