Weekend Open Thread: Happy Birthday Bubblehead Edition

Happy Birthday Hocky!

It isn’t quite midnight as I write this, though it will be by the time I wrap up and hit “Publish”. I was going through last weekend’s comments to do the drawing and read how it is Hocky’s birthday weekend. As the only current event memes I was finding this week were dealing with the Charlie Foxtrot on Capital Hill, there wasn’t much to work with. So I figured I would do a meme tribute to Hocky as our primary theme of the week.

So Everyone please join me in wishing a hearty Happy Birthday to our favorite Bubblehead.

Super Cool.

Not cool…

Sorry Hocky, I’d still rather be Batman…

This is most certainly true…

I love the stunned Pikachu meme.

Is there a piece of stock footage that has been flogged harder than the video of an Emergency Blow that this still is from?

Hocky…what is that ride like when they blow everything like that?

Moving on to the events calendar, there isn’t anything I am aware of this weekend, and nothing is on our schedule next weekend, but there will be a benefit for Jason Knight, following the Christmas Eve fire that did significant amount of damage to his workshop.

Franklin Forge to host benefit for Jason Knight Shop Fire recovery

I will try to find some more information next week and let y’all know.

No particular theme to the rest of these, but I will let them rip.

I call those bonus throws. My GSP can outlast my available ball-throwing time so a couple of those thrown in are free money.

There are two types of people in this world, those that can extrapolate from incomplete data

That Camp Lejeune water gets around.

We’re screwed. But we have known this for years now.

Dear God I can’t unsee that.

Hope it isn’t the 10mm, he’ll never find it.

And Bun-Warmer as well.

I suppose it is time to do our weekly prize drawing. The 1791 Leather pocket organizer is on its way to the Great White North. I drew Del from our pool of responses to last week’s thread. As for this next week’s drawing…

The B’YondEDC Kibuga, with natural G10 scales, is a robust spear point manual flipper. It has some heft to it for sure.

Usual rules apply… 5 comments or replies are your entries. If you are new to the blog, your comments may be held in moderation at first, but once I clear the first batch you will be able to post at will provided you have cookies on.

It is getting late, so I am going to blast through round 3 and head off to bed…

I mean it, this is a not dumb area. Don’t make me send CranstonDafoeWilliams after you.

Dude. What are the chances?

Heh. Or should I say Hehmandalorian?


Pretty much the reaction I expect…

I think it is a 20 year old mistake at the end of February.

Yeah…I have a few questions.

I don’t often share actual comics, as these are usually an IP issue.

That broke my brain. I am bummed that someone stripped out the signature. The artist deserves credit. It is flipping hysterical.

No word on how the snake is doing.


Have a great one all. Catch you on Monday.