Weekend Open Thread: Let My People Go Edition

Howdy folks,

Hope everyone is alright.  A year ago today was the last day my kids had school for the year. Thankfully, they went back this fall, though my daughter caught an asymptomatic case of the WuFlu last month. We are all fine. If anyone else caught it in our household, it was asymptomatic.

Finally getting caught up at work. As you can see, I managed to get several “Above the Fold” posts out this week, and a reasonable news feed selection.

This could be the story of my life.

Primus is the winner of the Browning Primal folder from last week.  I forgot to grab a knife today when I was in the office, so this week’s prize will be the winner’s choice of a KNIFE Magazine backissue. Obviously this is going to be subject to availability, but I think we have enough copies of everything but the Ruana issue and the Yellowhorse issue. You can see all the covers here, or read the whole things if you are a Premium Online Member.

As always, 5 comments or replies are valid for entry and I will draw a winner next Friday. If you are new to the blog, your first comment will be held in moderation until I approve it. So if you don’t see it, don’t panic.

Following up on last week’s Cancel Culture discussion…

I actually owe Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds a hat tip for that one.

Along those lines, apparently it is racist to share Oprah memes from her interview with the Dutchess of Woke and her (formerly) Royal Boy-Toy.

From Daily Mail UK:

We are living in Heinlein’s Crazy Years to borrow again from the Blogfather. My buddy came up with the perfect meme for that.

Well played Vinny.

That is about it for tonight. I got sucked into College Basketball tonight, and I am about to turn into a pumpkin.

Be well everyone.