Weekend Open Thread: Meme Me Up Scottie Edition

Happy, Friday Everyone,

Obviously 90! year old William Shatner’s trip to space was a highlight of the week. Especially for the memes. This would have been a fantastic prank.

Yes, I get the reference. That was a great episode.

This meme has been done before. But Shatner was a new add.

Great take on the Red-Shirts.

It is a shame that so many millennials will know Shatner best for his commercial pitches.

Also memeworthy this week…

There’s a meme for that…

My kids have been home from school this week for Fall Break. We did a bunch of stuff close to town, today it was visiting Brushy Mountain, a Tennessee State Prison that operated from 1896-2009.

Channeling my inner Shawshank (Which was actually not far from where I grew up in Ohio).

The Museum had the obligatory shank display.

Some of the metal was actually removed from the bunks…

So, what are you all doing this weekend?

I know what Hocky is doing tomorrow.

Moran Foundation & Museum All Forged Knife Show & Auction

I heard Blade Show West was more successful than the admittedly lower expectations last weekend.

Speaking of last weekend…

Stuart B. joins Jason K. and Steve T. as “token holders” towards Vero Engineering knife #2. It takes being drawn twice to win.

Usual contest rules apply. 5 comments or replies count as your entries. If you are new to the blog, your first comments will be held in moderation until I can whitelist you. From then on out your comments post immediately.

I don’t think this is what Steve meant with Squid Game.

I need more good naps. It is a key component to good health.

A couple of music themed memes…

I am glad that my kids have aged out of the school concerts.  They were hell on earth.

His spirits were always very much top shelf.

Who’s on First?

So that is about all I have for this evening.  Have a good one all.