Weekend Open Thread: Theme Wanted, Apply Within…

Why not? It’s Friday. I had a couple of ice-cold bottles of Guinness with my homemade pizza tonight.

You have survived another week, and now it is Weekend Open Thread time. I don’t have a theme for this week’s memes. Nothing terribly topical other than the NY indictment drama, which is out of bounds because it is just too political and frankly I would rather undergo dental surgery.

It is going to be a shotgun blast of different memes, with little tying them together.

I don’t even know if that is even a meme, but dang that is a photogenic pup. And the bestest boi (or girl).

Yes. Dark is better.

Or not. I’m screwed.

Speaking of aging…

Also speaking of aging…


This too…

Better lock it up…

You can sleep better dreaming of knife shows.

Taking a look at our Events Calendar, this weekend is the annual Badger Knife Club Show…(don’t worry about the date shown in the embed, for whatever reason it displays the last year’s date)

Badger Knife Show

And next weekend is the Shenandoah Valley Show, another big regional show.

32nd Annual The Greater Shenandoah Valley Knife Collector Show

Moving on…

This image made the rounds of the interwebs as a “caption this” this week. This caption was my favorite…

Go Doris.

Go Dolly. (I still want to know what Jolene was bringing to the table.)

Some things should remain unseen.

Is there anything more inappropriate than posting an unsolicited dick-pick?

I suppose an unsolicited Rickroll.

Left-Right-Uppercut combo.

Too soon?


That is one pissed off squirrel.

Mark R won’t be pissed off, he is the winner of this week’s drawing. He gets his choice of the Bronze or Sage Browning Riverstone (Small)

Our drawing next week is for a Buckmark Slim (Small). Winner gets choice of color.  The Buckmark Slim is my favorite new EDC from Browning. Super snappy, and for $30 retail it is really a great value. I am going to be keeping one of the two larges to review. I like it.  Unless it throws me a curveball in testing it is going to be a good review.

Usual rules apply – 5 comments or replies on this post are your entries, and if you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve the first ones. After that you are good to go.

And that concludes this week’s business. Here are the rest of the memes from this week’s harvest…

They always bite better when a storm is coming in.


Genius. Mind Blown. Above and Below.


I need to remember that. Makes sense (cents?) since 13mm is roughly 1/2″ equivalent.

Speaking of wrenches…

We never really grow up…

I didn’t see this one a couple of weeks ago. But it too reminds me of 8 year old me…

Being an adult is no fun…

Self control is hard.

No segue at all. I’m sorry.

I am running out of things to say.

I imagine modern Graphic artists have this same issue.

Taco Bell. Definitely Taco Bell.

Somewhat related.

It’s Friday. All memes must go.

That made me laugh more than it should have.

That hurts. Physically.

That hurts mentally.

I drive a Tacoma.

It is honestly a portal to another dimension. It turned into a tupperware lid.

I want to see the horse-headed train.

No one wants to see that.


Later Gators. Have a good weekend .