Weekend Open Thread: Turning the Page Edition

It is an odd time indeed. What better way to pass the time than the KNIFE Magazine Weekend Open Thread?

It is a tough time of year for everyone.


“Bunch of Savages in this World” (to paraphrase Clerks)

Didn’t work.

The still for this meme is actually from a movie, We’re the Millers, which I hadn’t heard of until I looked up the backstory on the meme. Typically the tagline is “you guys are getting paid?”

Anyone else feel that way? Or this…

Not much can be more relevant than that.

I must have blinked and missed it.

Winners never quit.

Tis the season…

Until next year…

Unfortunately, “Next Year” is only days away.

Since there are no knife shows until after SHOT Show, we are going to jump to this weekend’s musical selection. I wasn’t quite sure what to choose this week, but I think that this fits the theme.


The pride of Athens, Georgia.

Be sure to have a look at the KNIFE Magazine Events Calendar after the new year to plan for your next weekend knife trip.

Moving on with more topical memes…

A gift from my buddy Scott, who has commented here a time or two.


I hope that we are all still standing this time next year. Things are a bit catawampus these days.

But hard times make hard men, and the cycle continues.

So we do have that going for us.

The whole “men think about the Roman Empire thing” has become a running joke between my daughter and me.

It is time.

Time for our drawing that is, which is for a CRKT Provoke. It is a “Two Token” drawing, which means that you need to be drawn twice to win. Steve T. and Heather R. are our two current token holders, and Zach S. will be joining them as this week’s “Drawee”.

I actually drew Hocky comments three separate times, but as I mentioned last week, he has decided to forgo entry as he is not interested in the Provoke. Speaking of Hocky, we want to thank our favorite Bubblehead for dazzling us with tales of underwater Christmases past.

Usual contest rules apply, up to 5 comments or replies count as your entries, and if you are a new commenter yours count double. If you are new to the blog, your comments will be held in moderation until I can approve them. Please be patient, I will get to them in a day or less. Good luck everybody.

Onward, to the themeless memes…

G’day Mate.

John Kerry ftw.

I don’t know why 😉

They are Emotional Support Nuggets.



Yeah, that’s it.


Good camouflage.

Or crosswalks.

Stop Big Small.

I don’t care what it takes to make that movie happen, but it needs to happen.


This made me laugh for real…

Hang that map in the British Museum.

The “Baby Yeet Machine” meme has been around a while. I love those responses.

That was unexpected.

Keep your kids from experimenting with Paleontology. My Masters was paleo-anthropology. I have nightmares about taphonomy.

missed opportunity.


My kids have been pretty much sick since Thanksgiving.

I blame Joe Flowers.

How old is Keith Richards in people years?

Damnit Gandolf…


Besides, they will shoot their eye out.

Combining the Christmas theme from last week with the ongoing situation in Gaza…

Or blame it on Israel….


I don’t have much to add to my previous statements of support for Israel’s war against Hamas. The situation has remained fairly static for the last week. But I intend to at least make mention of the conflict each week until Israel declares its objectives accomplished, subject of course to Israel’s continued efforts to minimize civilian casualties to the greatest extent possible, which I expect that they will continue to do.

At least there are some “Palestinians” who are making the best of the situation…

(from Eretz Nehederet – the Israeli “SNL”, for lack of a better description)

Meanwhile, we in America have less pressing things to worry about…

My wife is about as far from a “couples costume” person that there is. Which means it was even more surprising that she found these Tshirts and ordered them for us for Christmas…

Nat’l Lampoon Christmas reference for the uninitiated.

Seemed like it fit better here than at the top.

That’s about it for this evening. I am wrapping this up early so I can get ready to watch the Cotton Bowl. I may have put my roots down in Tennessee, but Ohio will always be…

Fingers crossed that the Bucks come to play tonight. I have a feeling they will. Devin Brown has the potential to slam the door on next year’s QB decision. I hope he balls out.

I admit. get too wrapped up in college football…

That’s my plan and I am sticking to it.

Have a good New Years everyone.