Weekend Open Thread: What’s on your Mind Edition

Hola Señors y Señoras…

Happy Friday to you. Strange week. I was only in the office 1 day as I took Todd Hunt and Cory Murphy “fishing” yesterday. They were passing through but had the bad luck to time it the morning after the Smoky Mountains got upwards of 5″ of rain. Even little dinky water like Jake’s Creek was blown to heck.


Today I had a car service appointment, and during my brief return home the crew replacing our water main trapped me in my driveway. So I never made it in. I worked from home and canned a batch of salsa.

Strange meme week too. Not too much topical. But here is one…

She’s also more than 3 months sober as well.

This is topical I guess.

You have seen the Finnish Sniper CAPTCHA meme.  I shared it a while back.

Not only are there not many topical memes, there are no knife shows of note this weekend. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar for the latest.

There was a rich vein of nostalgia memes to mine this week.

Also survived fights with my brother.

My bitchin’ gaming system was a TRS-80.

My parents were not cool enough to get me an Atari. My brother had one of theses though…


On that happy note, we move on to our drawing for the Red Horse Knife Works Hell Razor.

Steve T. is our lucky winner. I just drew his second “token”, since he was drawn a couple of weeks ago as well. Congrats. The knife will be in the mail on Tuesday.

I guess that leaves me without a prize for next week. Comment away anyway. Up to 5 comments/replies are your entries. If you are new to the blog your comments will be held in moderation until I approve them. After that you will be good to post at will.

On to the rest of the memes. This was my meme of the week…

Poor Fifi.

This was a close second…

That would keep me up at night too.

Physics is hard. As is literacy.

Nevermore. Or something.



I couldn’t tie that into the 1982 gaming system meme. But that doesn’t change the fact that Al Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in a single game.

Facts. This too…

Kinda gross when you put it that way.

What will they think of next?

Actually heading to Dollywood tomorrow. That brings back memories.





Heh. For the above, and the below.

And as is my custom, I hit you with the Dad joke, and then…

Boom. Rickrolled.

Have a great weekend folks…

…and leave the memeing to the professionals.